build a firm foundation

Know why you believe what you believe.

Our Foundations Classes are great for discovering truths about scripture and your faith that will strengthen you and help you better able to stand strong.

“If you don’t know why you believe what you believe, then everything you believe is up for grabs.”

intro class:
Core beliefs

Sundays at 6PM
Sep 11-Oct 30

What do we really believe about God, the Bible, and creation? What was Jesus real purpose in coming here? How should we interpret current events in light of the end times? Pastor Steve leads this group through foundational concepts of what we believe. This class is appropriate for new and mature believers.


deeper class:

Tuesdays at 6PM
begins september 6

In this deeper class, Susan Farnham leads us through an in-depth exploration of the purpose, plan, vision, and doctrine of The Church. Haven’t you ever wondered what the church even is, and why we do what we do? We will explore these questions and more in this in-depth class.
Be ready to process and discuss together.

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“I loved this class. It helped me get a great perspective on the truth, and helped me understand the structure of faith.”
-A recent Core Beliefs attender

core beliefs topics covered:

What is the “Word of God?”
The Universe Created in Six Days?
Why Did God Make Us?
Who is Jesus, Really?
The Complete Nature of Salvation
The Holy Spirit

systematic theology course study:

This class is based on Wayne Grudem’s excellent Systematic Theology series. This material has changed the way theology is taught in seminaries around the world. We chew on it just a little bit at a time.

real life application!

Application class:
Financial Peace university

Sundays at 6PM
Sep 11-Nov 13

God calls us to be good stewards of what we are given. That’s why we are again offering Dave Ramsey’s powerful Financial Peace University.
The cost is $100 per family, and you will find it WORTH IT! This class presents Biblical, practical steps to get rid of debt, manage your money, spend and save wisely! Move from financial conflict to financial peace!

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application class:
life’s healing choices

Tuesdays at 6:30PM
begins september 13

Rather than wallowing in the past, this study will focus on your personal future. Regardless of what you’re struggling with, you can find hope for a better future- a life of freedom, peace, and happiness. You can experience powerful life change. Get past workaholism, overeating, abuse, divorce, addiction, depression, perfectionism, legalism, abortion, and much more.


“This class completely changed our outlook on our finances. Now, we are able to give back to God, we’re paying off our old debts quickly, AND we have more money at the end of the month!”
-A recent FPU attender

These classes are typically offered in the spring, and again in the fall. The Core Beliefs class covers the same six topics each time, while the Systematic Theology class moves from topic to topic each semester.

We say that the Core Beliefs class is “theology on a high-school level,” but NEITHER class is “over your head.” BOTH of them are presented in a way for everyone to comprehend and participate through discussion.